Shaken Bacon – The White Elephant Gift Alarm Clock

Posted by MamaC on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bacon Alarm Clock will shake up the white elephant party

There is really nothing better than waking up to the sounds and smells of sizzling bacon. Now you can have the next best thing every morning with the Big Mouth Toys The Wakin Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock

Wild white elephant gift is the shaken bacon alarm clockThis shaky bacon dude dances, raps and sizzles to jar you from your sleepĀ in a new and exciting way. Set the alarm and awake to him rapping about his love of bacon and the sizzle of bacon cooking. All that is missing is the yummy bacon smell. Everyone will love this great gift in the white elephant gift exchange party.

You can find the bacon alarm clock in the Bacon Bonanza Marketplace here on AlbinoPhant.

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