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Host an “As Seen on TV” gift exchange party

Every person who shops for a gift for the white elephant gift exchange party knows that opening unique gifts are what makes this party game so much fun. You could build a complete gift swap around exchanging gifts that come from television commercials. But wait… there’s more….

white elephant gift ideas from as seen on tv commercialsWe’ve all made fun of many of the “As Seen on TV” products. And yet, we’ve all secretly wanted one or two of them from time to time. Some of these As Seen on TV products are actually very useful. Many of us have happily saved room in our closets from the Hanger Extenders, and made the perfect pan of brownies with the Perfect Brownie Pan. On the other hand, some of these As Seen on TV products seem quite useless.

And then there’s yet another set of As Seen on TV products: the ones that are funny. Some of them are still quite useful. But nonetheless, many of the As Seen on TV products we’ve seen on the market have made us laugh.

And that is what we are here to talk about today: the 10 funniest As Seen on TV products ever made.

10. ShamWow

Now this product in itself isn’t necessarily funny. I hear that it actually works quite well. It’s the commercials that make it funny. We can all picture “Vince with ShamWow” talking to us about how we’ll be saying wow every time we use this towel. We’ve all quoted at least once the now infamous “You have to call now, within the next 20 minutes, cause we can’t do this all day…”

9. Snuggie

This product is a bit silly: a blanket with sleeves on it. But, just like the ShamWow, everyone who owns one actually loves it. And, just like the ShamWow, it’s the commercials that landed it on this list. We all remember the lady trying to cover up with a blanket and answer her phone, only to throw her blanket off of her in frustration. And then it got even better. They took their basic commercial, that we’d all been making fun of for months, and made it even more amusing. What did they add to it? A large group of people dancing around in their snuggies. Awesome.

8. Bobbleheads

There’s been The Office bobbleheads, sports bobbleheads, movie bobbleheads, political bobbleheads, bobbleheads of celebrities, etc etc. There’s not really any use to these products. But they’re definitely funny.

7. Slipper Genie

We’ve all wished we had something like this: a pair of slippers that cleans the floor while we walk around. Well, they finally made them! Enter the Slipper Genie: a pair of slippers with microfiber attached to the bottom. They now even come in a variety of colors and patterns, and with bows on top.

6. Justin Bieber Toothbrush

A toothbrush that sings Justin Bieber songs to you while you brush your teeth. Need I say more?

5. Toilet Monster

This one is a monster that attaches to the inside of your toilet bowl with suction cups. Marketed to “scare the crap out of someone.” Again, need I say more?

4. Poop Trap

This product is a bag that you attach to the backside of your dog, and it catches their poop as they go. Have you seen a picture of one of these? Pretty gross, but also totally hilarious.

3. Cat Toilet Trainer

The CitiKitty system is a training kit that is marketed to teach your cat how to use your toilet. I hear these actually work. But am I the only one who thinks of Meet the Parents anytime I see these commercials?

2. Better Marriage Blanket

“It’s the problem in the marriage bed that no one wants to talk about. Maybe that’s why they call it silent… but deadly.” The Better Marriage Blanket is basically a blanket that is supposed to soak up the smell of farts. They say that “offending flatulence molecules are absorbed before anyone knows they’re there.” So “whether you or your spouse suffers from a health issue, or just the occasional disagreeable meal, you owe it to your marriage to try the better marriage blanket.”

Now that’s just funny.

1. Farting Piggy Bank

The “Fanny Bank” is a piggy bank that looks like a butt and makes farting noises when you insert money into it. Even if you’re over 12, that’s still pretty amusing.

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