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Posted by Princess Phant on Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lens2306304_1227654245whiteelephantgiftexchangeSo, how does the AlbinoPhant party differ from a gift exchange? you might ask. Well, first of all, ordinary gift exchange parties aren’t hosted by King Thibaw of Burma and overseen by his glamorous daughter, Princess Phant. That’s me, by the way. So I know what I’m talking about: this is far more than a standard White Elephant Gift Exchange party!

There’s the emphasis on the word “party”, for another thing. Where would the fun be in just clicking buttons to swap gifts?  At AlbinoPhant a “virtual gift swap” is a joke, in our opinion!

No, Albinophant wants to make this a REAL experience for you and your friends and family. And in the end, REAL gifts get delivered to your door.

That’s why we’ve painted this picture of an exotic and enchanting other world for you, with kings and princesses and noble white elephants.  You can shop for your gifts at a special AlpinoPhant market, and possibly win a special and highly sought-after Nibbana statue – oh, that’s my father’s most prized white elephant. If you get your hands on Nibbana, you’re going to be a true winner!

At AlbinoPhant, you play the white elephant gift exchange game that you know and love. Buying real gifts and swapping them, stealing them from under the noses of your friends and using all your bargaining skills to persuade them not to take your gift away from you… all that traditional gift exchange fun is there, just as you like it.

But there’s more here – so much more! It’s all done online, so you can play with friends and family all across the country if you like – what a great way to unite the family during the holiday season! And as well as the fun Eastern setting and colorful characters like myself, there are all sorts of opportunities for amusement and fun. Like the ability to have conversations where you can share video clips and pictures, or even the special AlbinoPhant awards for things like banter.

And of course, because AlbinoPhant takes care of it all for you, it takes off the pressure of hosting and organizing a gift exchange party.

Just switch on your computer and off you go.    It’s a real party at your fingertips. Perfect!


Princess Phant
Daughter of the King of Burma
Caretaker of the AlbinoPhant Parties

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