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Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One year ago I stumbled upon an advertisement for BlogWorld in Las Vegas. The construction industry was in a downward spiral and I was exploring unique ways to market the concrete equipment that we manufacture.

Why not join the fun?

Why not join the fun?

I made a call to the producers of BlogWorld with an idea… Well, it was more of a pitch.  “Let me bring a big cement mixer to your show as an experiment in the effectiveness of social media”.

Within a week, we had the permission, secured a booth and constructed a simple display that asked WHY?

I jumped in the truck and pulled the trailer to Vegas to put on this “dog and pony show” for the bloggers.

The promotion was a great success, and the people where even better.  We were the center of attention, with video interviews, photo shoots and many requests for our lime green T-shirts.  We had many who questioned WHY and then took up the challenge to spread the word about the cement mixer they saw at BlogWorld.

We received what I had hoped for; but I got something that I didn’t expect.  I caught the bug… I was so impressed by the good people and their creativity and conversation, that I knew that I wanted to join in the party.

And it is a Party that has given me the opportunity to work with Facebook and participate in application development.

The party is a white elephant gift exchange that our family has done for a few years, online.

As I left BlogWorld, I made the commitment to find a way to share our family game with others through social media. I convinced Sarah that we should invest in this project and find time to put the party online.

Now, we are just a couple of weeks away from launching this new Facebook application. We are breaking new ground and betting on Facebook, Amazon and PayPal to work well together in the process.  I am nervous, Sarah is concerned with the money we have committed.  But regardless of the outcome, I am happy to be involved with this process. We have met some great people and some very hard working and talented technical types.

I am confident that the fun that our family has experienced together online is no different than the fun and excitement that I felt from the bloggers at BlogWorld and the developers within Facebook.

Wayne Sutton shared a blog post that included this video, which is a tribute to Facebook developers world wide.  I am really a technical outlier, but I still feel proud to be rubbing shoulders with this great crowd..

The Facebook Developer Garage Program from Julia Lam on Vimeo.

From all of my Family… Thanks for letting ordinary people join the party!


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