The BARF elephant – This will keep your hands busy!

Posted by Princess Phant on Saturday, October 24, 2009
Unfold the elephant

Unfold the elephant

You are waiting for Christmas to come and all the White Elephant Gift Parties to start… Right?

Well, here is something to keep you busy… And bring out your crafty side, in the process.

Fold your own white elephant from a piece of paper!

That’s right… Pull up a chair, print off the instructions, then start creasing and folding!

You can fold an Elephant from the Rump view – Here

You can fold an Elephant from a Front view – Here

BARF, or Bay Area Rapid Folders has a website for Origami enthusiasts, and these two elephant folds are just the beginning of their magic.  Jeremy Shafer has just completed a book titled:  Origami to Astonish and Amuse

Once you have a half-dozen of these origami elephants completed, you will have some great decorations or prizes for your white elephant gift exchange party.

In addition, you will have kept your hands busy as you count the days to Christmas…  But beware of paper cuts!


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