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Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, July 8, 2010
Pitching the online white elephant gift exchange during an elevator rideWe are in the middle of preparing the world for an online version of the white elephant gift exchange by PartyWeDo LLC.
Telling this story involves networking within web-based sites and at local tech meet-ups. In every case, we will use an elevator pitch to explain what the PartyWeDo business is all about.
This is a very important group of words that should tell our story and create interest in our project.
Here is the latest attempt at our elevator pitch, that we created using an internet tool called Buzzuka:
What if you could attend every party that you where invited to?
PartyWeDo is for people who share gifts from a distance and find that sending a gift by UPS or FedEx is dull and unimaginative. These online party activities let any group virtually share white elephant gifts before they are actually shipped to their doorsteps.
PartyWeDo is the first party game site that makes gift giving more engaging and memorable for everyone. This is a fun-filled way to distribute your gifts and enjoy the support of those you love, from any distance.
PartyWeDo is like adding a party hat to the UPS delivery!
Read the following slides for more details:
View more documents from PartyWeDo.

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