The Sultan’s Elephant is Amazing!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, October 7, 2009
I want this for a White Elephant Party!

I want this for a White Elephant Party!

Bring this to your next White Elephant Gift Exchange, and impress the crowd..

This hydraulic powered elephant was created by theatrical magicians Royal de Luxe and was used in the London International Festival of Theatre in 2006.

This huge moving display tells the story of a sultan from a far-off land and his magical, time-traveling mechanical elephant.  (you can link for the story below)

The Sultan’s Elephant is over 36ft tall and weighs a whopping 42 tonnes.  He travels at one mile an hour and can even move sideways like a crab.

Just his trunk is operated by 22 hydraulic pistons and the ears have 80 square yards of leather as covering.  All its other body parts also move, including his tongue and lips.  He even sprays water out of the flexible trunk. (you can watch a slide show on the link below)

This massive artistic exercise was inspired by the stories of Jules Verne.

If you are interested in engineering marvels… Check out this mechanical elephant. You will not believe the number of hydraulic hoses!  I counted at least 5 operators working the controls.  (not counting the mechanical puppet that follows in the parade.)

GET THE STORY by Jules VERNE prepared by Royal de Luxe


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