White Elephant Gift Exchange on the Internet!

Not everyone lives close so Host an Online Party.

Share real gifts with your distant family and friends.
Host an online gift exchange game and bring EVERYONE to the party…
White elephant Gift Exchange -AlbinoPhant online
We all know of White Elephant or Yankee Swap parties… But let’s just clear this up right at the start… this is not your Grandma’s gift exchange party.
It’s worlds away from that. It’s a place where distant family and friends can join for a fun, fast-paced online party, where real gifts are shared – No Virtual Gift Mumbo Jumbo!
You will be the hero of the group when you host this fun online party game.
Shelly at the computer

Online Party Host

Starting a party is simple with AlbinoPhant and we will help you invite friends and family from all over the country. Everyone can make this party!
All your favorite people are just a click away from joining your party – so be sure to tell them that this is a real gift exchange, with a real gift delivered to their door at the end of it!
No virtual gifts here – this is the real deal.
Let’s face it, social networks are how we all keep in touch, these days, and AlbinoPhant lets you share the online party experience with all your family and friends on the internet.
AlbinoPhant is so much more than just a online gift exchange… It’s a complete experience; it’s a competition; it’s a game; it’s a social get-together; it’s an online community; it’s a real gift giving party!
You will buy gifts, open gifts, pass gifts, steal gifts…
And your gift will be delivered to your door!
This is an online party for having fun with your friends and family – AlbinoPhant is the perfect way to re-connect and keep in touch. It’s set up to let you enjoy all the banter, conversation, laughter and sharing that you’d find at any great party, so dive right in and be the joker, or the story-teller, or the tease, or whoever you’d normally be!
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Share REAL Gifts

Every AlbinoPhant player will be able to keep up with the conversations on their playing page, and you can make the most of the online setting to do things you couldn’t do at an ordinary party… Share links, pictures, video clips… whatever you can use to add to the atmosphere of fun that makes a great AlbinoPhant party!
Take your party of friends online, or gather together those distant relatives for family fun and games. It’s all in one place, and it’s so simple to host your own party.
Share fun and games, stories and laughter, banter and gifts and be the host of the best gift party on the internet….
How to Play the Online White Elephant Party Game
Take a few minutes and learn how much fun the online version of this party will be for your family and friends.  We will help you host a online party game and share gifts and great fun with all your distant friends and family.
Admit One 3How to Host an Online White Elephant Party
Hosting an AlbinoPhant party game will make you the hero of your family. It will take some effort to gather everyone together, but it will be worth the time.
As a new host you can even do a test-drive party with your group, and no one will pay a dime for the experience. Just use OFFER CODE 1234 when you fill out the hosting details.
Once you see how great this is to re-connect distant family and friends, you will use this system often. Watch this video to learn more about hosting and online party.
How to Buy a Gift in AlbinoPhant
This is a real gift exchange party, just like you play in your home or office. As a host you set a spending limit for your guests and we help with the rest.

We use Amazon markets as a trusted partner. From these markets you and your guests can conveniently purchase the gifts for your online party. We make sure that all the gifts that are displayed are within the pricing level you select… Then we make sure that they get delivered to the right places after the online party is over.
This video will help you to understand the gift shopping experience in AlbinoPhant.