Making your White Elephant Gift stand out.

Posted by Princess Phant on Saturday, August 22, 2009

As the official royal party planner in a palace where white elephants are regarded with great respect and awe, I am often approached by civilians asking me how to shop for a white elephant gift that is going to be a hit at their next gift exchange party.

My advice is always the same: don’t just bring junk! Really, I can’t stress this enough. Imagine the hurt feelings of someone who has put a lot of time and effort into shopping for a really thoughtful gift, and yet has ended up leaving the party with a cheap, tacky and just plain mean gift like a roll of toilet paper. Unless the host of the party has specifically stated that this is to be a theme party where all gifts must cost no more than a couple of dollars and be as silly and tacky as possible, you should try to shop for a white elephant gift that you yourself wouldn’t mind ending up with.

Nice and Unusual

Nice and Unusual

If there’s a theme at the gift exchange party, then shop accordingly. If there’s a stated budget, try to spend within it. Those two should be obvious! But how do you make your white elephant gift stand out? The best tip is to know your audience. If your party is taking place in a church setting, for example, don’t buy anything that you’d be embarrassed for the pastor to end up with! Consider the group of people at your party, and think about shared interests or hobbies, experiences you’ve had together, and so on – anything that will help you to come up with a gift that the majority of guests will appreciate.

Also, a little bit of creativity and imagination go a long way when shopping for a white elephant party gift. It’s boring to end up with a plain old gift voucher. But how about buying a voucher of lesser value, and then adding some thoughtful accessories? For example, instead of just buying a voucher for Starbucks, try putting it inside a novelty mug, along with a few cinnamon sticks and good quality candies, and tying it up with ribbons. Your gift will instantly be more desirable!


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