White Elephant Gifts Become Conversation Starters

Posted by Princess Phant on Monday, August 3, 2009

Great White Elephant GiftsWhite elephant parties are a great way of ensuring that everyone receives a gift without having to spend a fortune on gifts for everyone else. They take the commercialism out of the holidays, and that’s a great thing! But more than that – they’re about getting together with friends and family and having fun. At AlbinoPhant, we see the fun and laughter and interaction as just as important as the gifts themselves! There’ll be teasing over the gifts, speculation about what’s underneath the wrapping paper, delight or amusement about each gift as it’s unwrapped, and a whole lot of banter and conversation.

So what sort of gift can you guarantee will be a good conversation starter? Well, one obvious way to get everyone talking is to bring a gift that will start people speculating about what’s inside. Make it stand out by wrapping it unusually, perhaps using paper towels or duct tape, or a brightly colored comic strip. Alternatively, package it up in a really enormous box – or a truly tiny one, if you can think of something small enough! The more creative you are, the greater the chance that even how you package your gift will get people talking!

In terms of the actual gifts, you’ll find that jokes and banter will arise when a really original or wacky gift appears. Personally made gifts can go down very well. I once knew someone who produced a photo-calendar with himself in a different pose for every month! Everyone loved it, and it triggered a lot of laughter and teasing – not to mention fierce competition for the calendar! Or if you’re not keen on subjecting yourself to ridicule, why not pick out something that will trigger nostalgic memories of childhood for many people in the group? A simple Rubik’s Cube can often be a real conversation starter, as people exclaim “Oh! I used to love that!” and start reminiscing about their favorite childhood games and toys. For work colleagues, why not put together a Work Survival Kit, with creative little touches like a pillow for taking naps at the desk, air freshener for the communal toilets, and that sort of thing, all labelled of course!

The possibilities are endless, and you can have so much fun coming up with a gift idea that is sure to get the conversation flowing. Please feel free to share your own conversation-starting gift ideas – I’d love to hear them!


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