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Posted by Princess Phant on Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So you’re going to host a White Elephant party or a Yankee swap? Well, first things first: get your invitations written and sent out!

If you’re an extra busy sort, you may find the thought of designing and making invitations somewhat daunting, but fear not – there are plenty of ready-made templates online for you to choose from. Just print them out and fill them in, and you’re done. See the image here in this post as an example.

You are Invited for some FUN

Host a Fun Party

Or, if your gift exchange party is going to be a much larger affair, consider personalizing a template and ordering a batch of them. There are plenty of sites that will do this for you. You can personalize the information and then have them printed.

Alternatively, maybe you’re a truly creative type. If so, why not try making your own White Elephant party invitations? Here are some pointers about what to include:

* Make sure you say that it’s a White Elephant party, and have a line explaining what this means, i.e. that it’s a game where gifts will be stolen!
* It can be a good idea to set a price bracket for gifts. If you’re doing this, make sure you state it on the invitations.
* If you’re having a themed party, you could design the invitation accordingly, with pictures and language that fit with the theme. And if you want guests to buy gifts and/or wear costumes that fit with the theme, the invitation is the place to tell them so.
* It might sound obvious, but so many people forget the most important part: where and when! Clearly state the venue, the date, and the time of your white elephant party.

You can adjust all of these suggestions to work with a Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, Chinese Swap or Rob your Neighbor party.  Just change your artwork and wording for the name of the party.

Have you got any tips or hints for what makes a great or unusual white elephant party invitation? Please do share!


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