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Corporate Gifts To Give Away

By: Rene A Lacape

The ‘White Elephant’ gift exchange has always been one of the best and most interesting office games for all festive seasons. All games are guided and bounded by rules of their own and the ‘White Elephant’ gift exchange game is no exception. However, there are no precise rules that must be followed exactly to maximize the fun value of the game. Variations can be incorporated into the games to suit certain conditions of the office such as number of participants, budget and so forth. Each and every one of the participants must purchase a gift not exceeding certain value such as a set dollar amount or within a range of values from ten dollars to thirty dollars; which depend very much on the policy or requirements of the team. The suggested gift selection should be an interesting object that can possibly amuse the team and something every one will enjoy, therefore, anything that is very practical will make a bad pick.

The game is played like this: Put all the numbers which equal to the numbers of presents in a box or something and every one participating in the game will each draw out a number from that box. The person who appears to draw the number ‘1’ will go first in selecting a gift, open and keep it. The second person has two choices: firstly he or she can pick a different gift or he or she can steal the gift from the first person. Therefore, the second person has to make sure he or she is certain to keep his or her gift choice and not to steal the first gift before opening the chosen gift. The process proceeds until the gifts are fully distributed to all participants. The catch of the game is that while all opened gifts can be stolen by anyone, they can only be stolen three times.

At the end of the game, the person who was the first to open a present can steal a gift if they choose, since they didn’t have an opportunity earlier.

In this gift exchange game, there is never a surprise if the gift ends up in the hands of its initial owner, who bought that gift for the game. To allow the game to live up to its interesting and fun factors, there must be that one gift which is so appealing to every participant who is looking forward to steal it times and again. Therefore, the excitement will arouse with the game when everyone is figuring who will be the final owner of that most popular gift.

The purpose for the ‘white elephant’ game is to give opportunity for people to ‘regift’ something which they receive from other people but which they do not want or like to keep. Therefore, there can be options opening for the participants whether to bring something that they wish to regift or to purchase a new gift with a predetermined value.

As far as office games are concerned, the Secret Santa games have been so popular that many varieties and variations have been added to them. For a fun twist, one of the most interesting variations of it involves all participants making a wish list for the Santa known as the ‘Santa list’. The way of going about it would be to specify a dollar limit on the present to be exchanged and the items that are written down in the respective participants’ Santa lists must contain of items that are available at that dollar limit or less.

All the ‘Santa lists’ will be stored in a hat or box so that each participant will have to draw out a list and get ready to do shopping for that person. While the recipients of the gifts will not know who will be shopping for their lists, the participant (shopper) will know the person (recipient) whom they will be shopping for. The Secret Santa must make sure that they remain secretive when delivering the gift to the recipients in the office on that very day. The decision maker of the games can either decide to allow the participant to sign or initial on the gift or not to leave any traces at all. While the former will create a sense of anonymity among one another, the person choosing the latter may sign off the gift if they like to get and send ‘thank-you’ messages to one another for their gifts.

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