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White elephant gifts are the centerpiece of the world’s most popular gift exchange party. The white elephant gift exchange is a unique adventure into gift shopping, creative conversation and the group memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are hosting a white elephant party or just shopping for a zany and unique white elephant gift, you have come to the headquarters for all things white elephant – AlbinoPhant.

5 things White Elephant Experts will share…

Do you want the myth or the truth?

The history of the white elephant gift exchange

What is a Banterithm?

White elephant gift shopping tips

Variety is the spice of the party

White elephant party rules. This is a game, so it has rules right? The AlbinoPhant experts will explain the basic gift exchange rules and some of the variations so that you can be an informed host and set the rules of the game to your liking.

Gift exchange variations you will love
Amazing parties are usually the most unique and memorable, so have you ever had a white elephant gift auction? We will share some fun white elephant gift exchange variations that will make your event the talk of the town.

It is all about white elephant gifts
Without the zany, wacky, weird and silly gifts that are revealed during the party your exchange would fall flat. Browse our pages of white elephant gift ideas and let your creative juices flow freely.

BONUS… The World’s largest elephant joke library

White elephant gift sharing is a perfect way to enjoy some fun and conversation with family and friends during the holidays. The white elephant gift exchange is a wonderful tradition in North America and in other areas of the world. This gift exchange party joins the Secret Santa, Left-Right and other group gift giving activities to make sharing presents a more memorable event.
On the AlbinoPhant site you will learn the history of the white elephant gift and how the gift exchange can be adapted to many situations. These ideas are shared by people who are passionate about white elephant gifts and the many ways people have fun together…

AlbinoPhant is the name of an online version of the white elephant gift exchange party. In the AlbinoPhant game you share gifts and conversation in a virtual way and then the real gifts from the party are then sent by UPS to each players doorstep.

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