White Elephant Gift Idea – Cat Chuckle Buddy

Posted by MamaC on Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Chuckle Buddy – Rolling in laughter as a white elephant gift idea

white elephant gift idea - chuckle buddy cat For hours of laughter, check this out! Watch as your Cat Chuckle Buddy rolls back and forth on the floor laughing hysterically! This is a white elephant gift idea that is a sure bet for party fun.

A white elephant gift with motion

This new motion activated rolling and laughing Chuckle Buddy , will entertain you, everyone at the white elephant gift party, as well as your precious kitty cat!  Regular Albinophant readers know that the best white elephant gifts are those that make noise or can do a movement once they are opened and displayed in the party.  The Cat Chuckle Buddy measures 11.5 inches long x 8.5 inches wide, is made out of 100% Polyester Fiber and requires 3 AAA batteries (not included.) A motion sensor is located between the eyes of your plush Cat Chuckle Buddy and will make it start spontaneously. Chuckle buddy toys are made of 100% Polyester fiber.

A great Christmas gift

So just imagine Christmas morning and your little ones coming running in to find the Cat Chuckle Buddy rolling all over the living room, what a fun way to start your special day!  If you have friends or family members that have cats, this will be a great gift that shows that you care for them and their pets. Order yours now as they will sell out fast!!

There are thousands of great gift ideas for those who love cats.  We have cataloged several fun white elephant gift ideas in our Crazy Cat Lady marketplace.

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