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Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, May 13, 2011

How-to: Unique white elephant exchanges

Welcome to the Gift Exchange How-to Idea Center, where we share some unique and fun white elephant gift exchange party activities. Our recreational specialist give you step-by-step instruction on how to play each of these unique games.  Use these ideas to host wacky white elephant parties, or Yankee swaps for your next gift giving event.

Here are 5 great party variations to try:

white elephant gift party with spin the bottle funWhite elephant gift exchange - Left Right gameWhite elephant gift exchange and gift auctionWhite elephant gift party with handling additionswhite elephant caroling party and Gift exchangeThese variations will add an extra level of engagement into your next gift exchange party.

And if you get tired of these offline games you can always try our online white elephant gift partyAlbinoPhant.

It is perfect for sharing white elephant gifts among distant family and friends.

Try this:  White Elephant Party Skit

Change up the Name

After you have explored some of these unique variations on the white elephant exchange game, you might want to change the name of the party from white elephant to something like -Yankee Swap or Rob Your Neighbor.

There are at least 31 different names for white elephant gift exchanges, so feel free to change the names and link them together with different ways to play the game. When you do this your family and friends will never get board coming to one of your gift parties.

We have also written about other unique additions to these fun gift swapping activities. You can add other games to your standard party.  Or try reading a white elephant poem to your guests at a break in the action.  You might have some fun with the crowd by sharing a few white elephant jokes from our library.

Of course, we always invite you to try AlbinoPhant the online white elephant party game – where you can enjoy gift giving with distant family and friends and then real gifts are delivered to each players door.

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