7 Wacky White Elephant Gifts for 2012

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get ready for another great season of white elephant gift giving in 2012. We have explored the AlbinoPhant gift idea center for wacky gifts to share in your gift exchange parties. Any one of these gadget gifts will demonstrate your gift selection prowess!

901 Storm O.I.C. Missile Launcher - white elephant giftDream Cheeky Missile Launcher – NR Electronic Reference Device

Let’s face it, most USB gadgets are clever ideas that really just need power–this is not one of those! (A USB reading light? Really?) The Dream Cheeky 901 Storm O.I.C. Missile Launcher, on the other hand, is the perfect combination of pointless, fun, and funny. The accuracy is about what you’d expect from foam missiles, but it shoots every time, has decent in-house range, and is so easy to use my 4-year old granddaughter could do it. The camera is actually pretty decent, and you can shut off the rather serious-sounding firing alarm. Just remember it arms itself after you press “fire,” so your target will have about 2 seconds warning as it winds up. You won’t get tactical surprise once the target learns this. It’s a must-have gadget for the kid in all of us. (There’s a lot of gadgetry in there, and they probably won’t sell 10 million, so we have to be reasonable about the price point.) Now, to mount it on an iRobot Create and really patrol the house!


Unique Fred and Friend sharp act knife sharpener white elephant giftFred & Friends Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

The Fred & Friends Sharp Act Knife Sharpener is a funny little kitchen gadget to have. This is as cute as the picture and a great conversation piece to have lying around the kitchen. This is no knife sharpener you stick in a drawer till you need it, display it and let guests stare and wonder what it is for? It is a fun little addition to the kitchen for sure.

Animal table top vacuum is a unique white elephant gift

Cow Mini Tabletop Vacuum

Make crumbs and tiny dust balls disappear with our Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuums! These powerful tabletop vacuums operate on two AA batteries. The easy to use one touch operation makes this mini vacuum a useful and convenient. Give these little desk vacuums as gifts to craftier friends. They will be well-received and you will be the gift giving hero. They are just so cute and the really work cleaning up paper bits.

Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot - wacky white elephant gift.


Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot

Recycle a soda can by turning it into a silly robot that can move. Kit includes parts and instructions, just add a “can” do attitude. Kids love making these robots, and put them together in an hour or less with a lot of help from their father.  Just a word to the wise, that this project will probably require adult help or at the very least supervision for children who are under age nine or ten maybe? Proudly display on the shelf above your computer desk and be very proud of your first MOVING robots! Well worth the price.

LOCOMOLIFE Self Stirring Mug for unique white elephant gift exchange

LOCOMOLIFE Self Stirring Mug

With a press of the button at the handle, the cup will begin to stir itself. This is perfect for every lazy coffee or tea lover at the party. The cup includes a travel lid and drinking hole, but make sure to turn off the stir when attempting a sip! Great for impressing your office and those who visit your table during the holidays. You will be hypnotized by the swirling action, so do not attempt to drive and mix coffee at the same time.Does not include any batteries, so if you are using it as a white elephant gift you might want to put a battery in so that it can be demonstrated during the party game.

Shakespeare Tissue Box CoverShakespeare Tissue Box Cover as white elephant gift idea

Much Achoo About Nothing, A Midsummer’s Night Sneeze, The Taming of the Drip even the greatest playwright of the E. Follow the wise poet’s lead and don’t let an Elizabethan tragedy ensue. Lays flat or easy wall mount instructions also included, acrylic. Decorative tissue box cover measures 10 x 5 x 6

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork white elephant party gift

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Eating pasta has never been easier – or more fun. Twirling is a better way to eat spaghetti and the motorized fork automatically winds up the pasta on the end of the fork. Now there’s less mess, more satisfying bites and 100% twirling fun.  Buy… and have fun. Just don’t forget them at the restaurant like we had.. Dishwasher safe metal prong end.




We are passionate about white elephant gifts and white elephant gift exchange parties. We will do all that we can to make your experience with AlbinoPhant better than you can imagine.

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