Can you share a White Elephant Bobblehead?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, November 5, 2012

Try a BobbleHead Themed White Elephant Gift Exchange

With the gift exchange season just around the corner, shoppers are readying once again for the task, making their lists and striving to find the perfect gifts. And with each passing year, this can pose more of a challenge to the gift giver: Another tie? Fuzzy slippers? Or a pen and pencil set? The perfect solution would be a one-gift-fits-all choice, ordered by the dozen, but not generic. It would have to be unique, whimsical and fit the personality of the recipient…something like a personalized Bobblehead.Bobblehead white elephant gift party

Favorite Collectable

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, a Bobblehead is a collectible toy doll with an over-sized head connected to the body by a spring or hook mechanism, permitting it to bobble; thus, the name. Most often affiliated with the sporting world, depicting well-known baseball and basketball stars, today’s bobbleheads have branched out to include rock singers, superheros, founding fathers, cartoon figures and more. It’s an honor to be enshrined on a wobbly plastic platform, and the collectibles are in big demand across sporting, political, and entertainment fields.

And everyone loves a Bobblehead; a Bobblehead makes you smile. Which is why a personalized Bobblehead is indeed the perfect gift choice for today’s harried holiday shopper. In addition, hosting a white elephant gift party for bobblehead sharing would be great fun, because unique gifts like these create crazy conversation between friends.

Custom Gift

Rather than trolling through endless malls, selecting shirts that don’t fit and candles that will be re-gifted, give a custom gift this year, a personalized present that is sure to delight. Choose a specially-crafted likeness of your husband, co-worker, babysitter or professor, recreated from your provided photos, on an adorable springy stand. It’s a great gift for couples, graduates, children and groups; multiple individuals can be featured on one base. Bridal couples can be captured bobbing on cake toppers, co-workers bobbing while talking on the phone. Create a darling baby bobblehead for your toddler, and capture a childhood memory forever. Immortalize your teen in her prom dress, and delight her with a reminder of that special evening. You design the setting, choose a body, provide the photos and select the details, from eye color to hair highlights, and sculptor artists recreate the likeness in resin. Bases can be customized with special messages to suit any occasion.

Perfect Present

This year, put an end to the holiday headache, say ‘no’ to another season of frustrating gift shopping, and abandon the annual hunt for the perfect present. Forget the crocheted pot holders and scented room diffusers. The baked banana bread and colorful Reindeer sweatshirts. Nobody really wants another pair of socks. This year, choose an imaginative alternative that is guaranteed to be the star of your holiday gift exchange, a personalized Bobblehead that will both flatter and amuse your loved ones.


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