Chia Statue of Liberty Grows as a White Elephant Gift

Posted by MamaC on Monday, December 3, 2012

Lady Liberty as a Chia Pet? A unique gift to exchange

Chia gifts as white elephant presents

Show your friends what it means to be an American with this amazingly fun White Elephant gift.

The Chia Statue of Liberty with Torch Light, Special Edition will be the best gift you get or that you give to your friends in the party. This is an amazing way to show your pride to be an American and demonstrate your gift shopping ability.

Lady Liberty will grace your shelves with beauty and grace as a great conversation starter! So when you are out looking for that perfect gift don’t forget about this wonderful gift! 

Chia pet selection

You would be surprised how many different Chia gifts are available for your white elephant gift pleasure. We have gathered a huge marketplace full of Chia fun – We call it Get Your Chia On. Use your freedom to shop smartly and get one of these unique Chia gifts.

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