Daddy’s Diaper Changing Apron will fit in a Gift Exchange

Posted by MamaC on Friday, December 7, 2012

Dress up for any Doodie in the white elephant party

Fun Gift Exchange gift idea for Daddy-to-be! Daddy’s Diaper Changing Apron – Unique Gag Gift will be a hit this year at any party you have for the holidays!
 “Daddy’s Doodie”  comes pre-loaded and ready for battle, just slip it on when Doodie calls! Just slip on this soil-resistant (machine washable) shield and everything is within reach.

You get all this: Soil-Resistant Apron Emergency Nipples – Two Hilariously placed “bottle nipples” for daddy!!! Re-fillable Pockets Rubber Gloves Colorful Clothespins. Disposable Diaper Face Mask. Cute blonde baby not included GREAT PRICE, AND VALUE TOO! FREE Gift Box & Complimentary Daddy’s Tools Gift Wrap! Also makes a great white elephant gift idea for funny conversation in the party.

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