E-Commerce; white elephant gift shopping made easy.

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Electronic gift shopping for white elephant gift exchange

Can Ecommerce and white elephant gift shopping combine?

“…the future will be owned by those companies that harness technology to the make the consumer shopping experience easy, efficient and fun.”

These are the words of Todd Hale, senior vice president, Consumer & Shopper Insights, as he reported on the Nielsen Retail 2015 forecast.

The future looks very bright for any consumer retailing that is tied to technology,  and even better when the shopping experience becomes personally engaging.

The big winners in the next 5-years will be mass Super-centers and the E-Commerce providers.  Other retail sales channels will lose share because of the growing success of these two sources of consumer product distribution.

We like the word FUN discussed by Mr. Hale, especially when it is associated with E-Commerce.

The ease of shopping and the purchasing efficiency of online retailing creates many leadership opportunities.  Now, all that is missing is some FUN at your local Amazon.com or Overstock.com site…

How about a game?

Engaging game activities will enhance the future fortunes of gift retailers.  Games equal fun… they always have!

But why target gift retailing as the source of FUN-based selling?  Because gift giving is associated with  personal engagement between people, and so are games.  Gifts are outward expressions of an inner commitment to make someone else happy and games are happiness generators.

The  E-Commerce gift store that finds a way to efficiently market white elephant gifts, with a tie to something fun and supportive, will be a big winner in the race for the consumer pocketbook in the future.

Then if you add in a white elephant exchange party game and a way to connect even the most distant friends, we will have a shopping experience like none other.



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