Handerpants, a High-5 Gift Exchange Gift

Posted by MamaC on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Give yourself a hand in the white elephant gift party!

Handerpants, white elephant gift

Are you really naked under those gloves? For Pete’s sake, put on some Unique Handerpants. Wear them on their own as a vaguely inappropriate fashion statement! Hundreds of uses! There are no more awkward moments of uncertainty, as the derriere stares at approaching hands that must certainly look ghastly or threatening.  You know the rest. Fear no more with Handerpants; there is familiarity, kinship. They’re in the same social circle, the same gang. 

This is a sure fire win at your next White Elephant Gift Exchange party! You will be the talk of the town and others will climb over themselves to give you a high-five!

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