HomeMade Gifts for the White Elephant Gift Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Saturday, November 3, 2012

White elephant gifts can be homemade

Holiday gift giving includes the family tradition of making the Christmas gifts that are shared. In some close groups the white elephant gift exchange requires that all the gifts be made do-it-yourself.Handmade white elephant gift ideas

Do It Yourself?

There are a number of trains of thought when it comes to homemade Christmas gifts. Some think that it’s a cheap way out and a mask for being too lazy to head down to the shops. The alternative, more positive version that we prefer, is that it actually shows a thoughtful touch and guarantees that people will receive a unique gift rather than something that is mass produced and is probably received as a gift by 50% of the population.

What are the best ideas for unique Christmas presents or white elephant gifts?

Cakes and Muffins

You may bake cakes or take muffins around to people when they are new to the neighborhood, so why not do the same for friends and family members at Christmas? A gift that you have put together yourself in this way will mean whole lot more.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fun you can have while making the cakes or muffins, and coming up with your own unique recipes. You can always make cinnamon cakes for those who like cinnamon, for example, then go for citrus flavors with everyone else. The possibilities are endless!

Jams and Spreads

Close behind on the list of excellent homemade food ideas are jams and spreads. This is again something that you can make seasonal with your own twist on much loved flavors and taste sensations.

You never know, you may even surprise yourself and come up with an idea for your own home based business if you produce tasty products!


Okay, so you may want to keep this to gifts for the children, and stick to simple things such as scarves and hats, but receiving something that has been knitted by a loved one is a fabulous feeling.

Even if you are a novice at knitting it is fairly easy to make simple items such as those mentioned.


Homemade jewellery is something that is growing in popularity and could be the basis for an excellent Christmas gift. Buy all of the components yourself and then have fun customizing them and putting them together to match the tastes of whichever family member or friend you are creating it for.

Alcoholic Drinks

If you are a dab hand at making home brew, whether it be beer, lager, or wine, then why not produce this to give to an appreciative relative over the Christmas period?

Whatever you decide, making your own gifts is a brilliant way to create a unique gift that will be different from anything else that person receives this Christmas.


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Wacky white elephant gift ideas


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