My First Bacon- Tasty Gift Exchange Idea

Posted by MamaC on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Start em off on the right foot by sharing bacon-love early!

My first bacon and white elephant gift

You’ve got a friend in “meat” and he talks and says “I’m Bacon!” My First Bacon
is a exclusive plush toy that will delight your little ones and anyone at your next White Elephant party. Even if they’re not on solid foods yet, your progeny shouldn’t be deprived of the joys of bacon. Soft and snuggly with big giant eyes. My First Bacon is both friendly and reliable, just like actual bacon. I Heart Bacon I’m Bacon!

Squeeze him and he says, “I’m Bacon!”. No matter what the situation, he says, “I’m Bacon!” This reminds white elephant players that no matter what happens in life, they should be true to themselves and always be proud of who they are. Which of course, means bacon lovers. What child on this planet wouldn’t want to befriend a piece of mostly meat held together with fat and love? And don’t just think about the kids, adults enjoy My First Bacon just as much as the kids do. Sometimes a little too much. This white elephant gift will surely be stolen, squeezed and loved!

We have a complete selection of Bacon Gifts for your exchange in the marketplace titled: BACON BONANZA

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