Save on the Gift Shopping List for 2012

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, October 11, 2012

White elephant gift exchanges aren’t the only way to save this season

Spending money during the Holidays is always a balancing act that requires great planing and discipline. Besides using the white elephant gift exchange party to share gifts and save money there are still other ideas that will help you maintain financial sanity.

Saving money on Gifts 2012

No matter how hard we try to budget for all of our Christmas shopping it can still be difficult to find appropriate gifts for everyone without going over budget once or twice.  It is even harder if you leave all of your Christmas shopping until the last minute as in those final days before Christmas the best of the bargains have already been snapped up leaving only the more expensive gift items for you to choose from.  However, there are ways that you can save on the amount of money that you spend and also on the high levels of stress associated with it.

Start Early

One of the best ways to make sure that you are prepared for the Christmas holidays is to start buying gifs well in advance; some people even start shopping for Christmas in that January sales!  Different stores have sales throughout the year, so make a point of buying something that you see on offer during this time and pop it away in a safe place until closer to Christmas.  Of course you need to keep a record of what you have bought so that you do not go out and buy something for the same person again as it’s easy to forget some of the little bargains that we collect throughout the year.

Savings Cards

Many of the larger stores offer savings cards on which you can load money throughout the year, so that when the time comes round to start your Christmas gift buying you already have money put aside to spend in those stores.  Providing that you choose your stores wisely you could end up not having to part with any extra cash when it comes to buying gifts with the money on your card, especially if you have chosen a store that offers 3 for 2 deals on their gift ranges.

Go Homemade

There is something about receiving a homemade gift that gives the recipient a warm feeling inside.  It shows that you have made a real effort and put a great deal of thought and time into your gifts.  Whether you invest in a book that teaches you how to make soft toys so that you can make one for each child on your Christmas list, or set to work in the kitchen bottling homemade preserves and chutneys it is a gift that offers a little piece of your heart with it, whilst at the same times allows you to reign in your Christmas shopping budget.

Buy in Bulk

Bulk buying is not something that you would normally consider for your Christmas shopping, however it can prove to be very effective, especially when it comes to stocking fillers and gift wrap supplies.  Even bulk buying in gifts – when an item is on special offer – can save you a lot of money, providing that the recipients are not all opening their gifts together in the same room, like in a gift exchange party.  This is more appropriate for gifts that are to be mailed out to friends and relatives, each of them will be thrilled to receive your gift, but the fact that you have sent the same item to three or four different people need never be known.

Don’t Panic

One of the main reason for Christmas overspending it because of panic buying, handing over money for the first thing that we see without giving it enough attention or thought.  Panic buying occurs more in the final days before the Christmas holidays when the gift options available are limited, it is therefore imperative that you begin your gift buying early enough to stop you falling foul of your own anxiety.


The only presents that you may not want to buy in advance are stocking fillers for kids.  Kids, especially younger ones, change in their likes and dislikes on a regular basis so wait until December for any brand name items you may want to buy them.



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