Shocking Gifts – Spark a conversation at your Yankee Swap

Posted by King Thibaw on Sunday, October 25, 2009
get glowing reviews on the party

get glowing reviews on the party

If it has a cord, a battery or solar cells it can be a real shocker of a gift.  Adding these electrical items into the gift exchange party can really turn-on the conversation.

Try a “Shocking theme” for your next Yankee Swap or white elephant gift exchange. Invite your friends to the party, but tell them that all the gifts must have something to do with electricity or power.

You will be shocked and amazed how creative your friends will be in stretching the meaning of power, as they open gifts and banter about what is revealed in the swap.

This extra dimension will spice up the traditional white elephant party or the online version of the Yankee swap. Your friends will be more engaged and will have a better memory of your party.

Then, if you really want to liven up the event; require that every comment, image or video that they post or discuss in the party has some tie to electricity or power.  Partiers will start defending what they do and say, as other players accuse them of forgetting to follow the rules.  When it gets going, the more arguing and banter will build more laughter and greater fun.electrical gifts

Try one of these shocking gift exchanges this year. You will add some real juice to the conversation and flip the switch on the fun, as you plug into creativity of your group.

We spent some time in one of the AlbinoPhant markets to pull out some ideas for the “Shocking” Yankee swap.

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