Ten great white elephant gifts, to start a conversation.

Posted by King Thibaw on Friday, October 23, 2009

The best white elephant parties have the gifts become the topic of fun conversations. Unique and fun gifts are why these gift exchange events are such popular social activities.Albinophant gifts 1albino..gifts2

We not only use the gift itself to build the banter, but we also play off the title of the gift, the uses for the gift and even the brand name. Any one of these will assist in growing the conversation with other participants.

Part of the magic of this party is that everyone’s creative thought increases as each gift is opened. Then, each thought turns the conversation in another direction and toward the next subject for discussion. Clever conversationalists build upon the personalities of the other players, the gifts, the stealing and the banter to turn the event into a social explosion.

The online version of the white elephant party uses gifts in exactly the same way as the traditional gift exchange does – As conversation starters. Therefore selecting the right gift to reveal on the gameplay page is very important. Many take great care to find a white elephant gift that starts a great conversation.

We went into the AlbinoPhant $25 dollar market and pulled out some examples of ten great white elephant gifts that should start the banter building … (in no particular ranking order)

You can imagine how the conversation can begin around a bath tub thermometer, or a pig bongo buddy or a shear sarong…

The white elephant party can take many twists and turns as gifts like these are opened, discussed and then re-discussed, during the party.

As you plan for your holiday events this year, you should include your family and friends in a gift exchange. Take some time to shop for a gift that will be sure to add to the fun of the party…

What could be more social than a fun white elephant gift exchange and great gifts?

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