The Best 20 Dollar White Elephant Gift Ideas

Posted by MamaC on Thursday, March 10, 2011

The 20 best White Elephant gifts for $20

Any good gift exchange host knows that setting a spending limit side-steps some issues at the party. With a $20 spending limit the group will shop and then present gifts that are on par with each other. No one likes the “big-spender” or the “cheap-scape” to steal the show.

White elephant gift rating systemIn the AlbinoPhant online exchange each gift is revealed virtually before it is actually shipped to each players door. Every gift that is reveal on the game-playing page allows everyone a chance to rate the gift. The gift with the highest score gives the purchaser the bragging rights of being the best shopper for the party.

We have assembled 20 great white elephant gift ideas from the AlbinoPhant $20 dollar marketplace. As with all white elephant gift parties or Yankee swaps, the idea is to bring a gift that will get the conversation going and make the event more social. This group of gift ideas demonstrates the variety of items that could be shared in this style of gift exchange. Some will naturally become conversation starters and others will eventually become more desirable than others and will be stolen more often. Regardless, these 20 white elephant gift ideas should get your creative juices flowing…

20 white elephant gifts at 20 dollars

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