White Elephant Party Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Posted by MamaC on Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do you Steal or Open? Pick the right white elephant gift every time.

White elephant party gift chooser

This Executive Decision Maker/Paperweight Is The Perfect White Elephant Gift For Those Who Have Indecisive Moments. Just Give It A Spin And Let It Decide For You Whether To “PASS THE BUCK”, “REORGANIZE” Just “SIT ON IT” And Many More. These choices come up often during the white elephant gift party.

The Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight (60-2622) is the best paperweight to possess; no need to get stuck making decisions just spin the wheel and it does it for you!

Gift selection decision

 Papers used to fly around my office like flies on a famine victim. And when it came time to picking a gift in the gift swap – Forget it!  Now, everything is under control. So many paper weights just aren’t heavy enough to hold down my briefs but this little number really did the trick. Also, it helps you make important life decisions. When I asked it should I get a dog it said “tomorrow”. Oh yeah, it looks great too!!

This white elephant gift has all the components to make a fun gift-reveal in the game. Open it and then announce that the Natico Decision Maker/Paper weight will decide if the next player opens a gift or steals… It will surely be stolen next!

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