White Elephant Spin the Bottle Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, April 21, 2011

White elephant exchange + spin the bottle!

White elephant gift exchange using the spin the bottle gameThe popular white elephant gift party and the game called spin the bottle can now be joined for some gift sharing fun. This is a great way to add some variety to your group gift parties this year.


If you are doing a traditional white elephant party instead of an online gift exchange like AlbinoPhant, then the white elephant spin the bottle game will make your party even more fun than ever.

You will need to set-up the room so that all of the chairs are in a circle and spread apart enough to easily identify a player turns when the bottle is pointing at them.

Remember that unique white elephant gifts are the secret to creating fun conversation during the party. Encourage every one to take some time to shop for something fun.

It is better if you have a hard surface for the bottle to spin upon, so use a table top or do the party on a hard flooring surface.

Just like any white elephant gift exchange, you should gather all of the wrapped items into one spot and get everyone seated.

#1 The game starts with all players in their seats.

#2 Someone spins the bottle until it points at one of the players (re-spin if there is any question as to who it is selecting)

#3 The first person selected by the bottle opens one of the gifts from the wrapped gift pile.

Ideas for white elephant parties

#4 The bottle spins and selects the next player, who can ether open one of the wrapped items, or steal the opened gift.

#5 If a player has a item stolen they can ether open a replacement gift or steal from another players opened gift. (Remember, no direct steal-backs)

#6 The bottle spins again after the stealing and opening have stopped.

#7 If the bottleĀ  lands on a person with an open gift, they have the option of swapping their current opened item with another persons opened gift, or donating it to a player that does not currently have any gift. If they donate, then they must open one of the wrapped gifts from the pile.

#8 Continue play using the bottle as the turn selector, until all the gifts have been opened.

We have included some instructional slides that will help you understand the rules of the white elephant spin the bottle gift exchange game.

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